Pool Liner Replacement & Service


Homeowners with backyard swimming pools depend on vinyl liners to keep their pools looking beautiful season after season. Owning a swimming pool is an investment, and it's natural to want to do everything possible to prolong the life of your pool. While these liners are built to last, they are susceptible to eventual decay. When a pool liner gets old, it dries out and loses its elasticity due to chemicals and UV rays. Usually, pool liner replacement is required every 10 - 15 years.

One of the best ways to maintain the beauty and functionality of your pool is to have a new liner installed. Whether the liner is faded and not looking its best or the entire thing is torn, a new liner can breathe new life into your pool. At The Liner Specialists, Inc., we offer quality pool liners for commercial and residential swimming pools. No matter the size or shape of your pool, we'll work to fit it with the right type of liner.

Choosing the right contractor to install a liner in your pool is a big decision. You need someone who is licensed, bonded, and insured, but you also want someone with the experience and know-how to handle any obstacle during this process. Our company is named The Liner Specialists, Inc. because our specialty is pool liners. We strive to have wrinkle-free pool liner installations, whether that means helping manage your ground-water problem or just giving your pool the respect and custom measurements it needs. No two pools are the same, which is why we custom-measure every in-ground pool liner and even some of our more difficult above-ground pools. A pool liner that fits properly will last much longer than one that doesn’t. The better the fit, the less likely you will have to change your liner prematurely.


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