Why do I need a safety pool cover?


Safety pool covers were created to prevent a person or animal from falling into the water. There are even pictures of a cover keeping a car out of the pool (though we do not recommend trying this). The main idea is to keep the kids and your pets from running across a snow-covered pool and accidentally falling in.

Pool safety covers can be solid or made of mesh, but they all work the same way with straps that anchor into the deck surrounding the pool to support the weight. The difference between safety covers and winter covers is that the safety covers can support more weight, whereas a winter cover is tied on or weighted down with water bags. This means if someone walks across the cover, they are going to fall right through. The added benefit of a safety cover is that it can keep debris from going in the pool.

Please note that solar pool covers and winter pool covers are not safety covers. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F1346-91 standard (1996) requires that a pool cover be able to hold a minimum of 485 pounds per five square foot in order to qualify as a safety pool cover.

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