Heatsavr Products

      Heatsavr is a transparent liquid pool cover that greatly reduces heat loss. The liquid forms a barrier on the surface of the pool, which inhibits evaporation. Heatsavr has been tested and proven to be completely safe and biodegradable. Heatsavr is guaranteed to save energy and water in every pool. Energy savings of up to 40% can be expected. The reduction of evaporation and humidity in indoor pools also lowers the cost of air conditioning and maintenance. 

Dosage: Commercial pools require 1 oz. of Heatsavr per 400 sq. ft. each day. Residential pools may use a 1 oz. dosage for pools 400-800 sq. ft., due to lower bather loads. A daily dosage is necessary because the product biodegrades in approximately 24-36 hours. 

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